stolen waters are sweet

stolen waters are sweet
With allusion to PROVERBS ix. 17 (AV) Stolen waters are sweet. Cf. c 1395 WYCLIF Bible Proverbs ix. 17 Stoln watris ben swettere. Less frequent than the preceding entry (stolen fruit is sweet).

c 1548 Will of Devil (1863) 9 This saiyng of the retcheles [reckless] woman in Salomon (Stollen waters ar sweete).

1614 T. ADAMS Devil’s Banquet I. 3 Sinne shewes you a faire Picture—Stollen waters are sweet.

1721 J. KELLY Scottish Proverbs 298 Stoln Waters are sweet. People take great Delight in that which they can get privately.

1976 A. J. RUSSELL Pour Hemlock ii. Lucarelli, fond of quoting scripture, ended the memo with ‘Stolen waters are sweet’.

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